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The idea for Bró Coffee first came about when Pilates instructor and coffee lover Brenda Johnston complained that she couldn’t get a decent coffee from a garage or forecourt when racing between appointments, classes, school and home.

Along with her husband Michael who is a retail whizz & also ‘coffee mad’, they came up with the idea to deliver a quality coffee to convenience retailers, forecourts and garages. And so began the Bró journey – after a year of experimenting with beans, different roasting processes and blends, BRO was finally launched in 2016 to retailers and coffee shops with over 15,000 cups brewed each week.

Part of the Bró service was also to provide a purpose built ‘coffee dock’ to suit the retailers space and a coffee machine - chosen specifically to deliver the best cup of coffee from the Bró beans. Machines feature a double grinder function to grind separately for milk and pure coffee based drinks, ensuring purity of finish to both.

 Pictured at their Co Down Roasters, BRÓ Coffee founders Brenda & Michael Johnston launch BRÓ at Home www.brocoffee.co.uk Ireland’s first coffee company to offer fully compostable packaging.


During COVID & subsequent lockdowns the company had time to take stock and develop another project they’d been planning – BRO at Home.

Brenda explains: “It’s something we’ve wanted to do but it was always put on the long finger with other aspects of the business being so busy.
“With COVID and subsequent lockdown, we had the time to develop this and it became really important to us to launch something that was sustainable and eco-friendly.
“It’s a family business and our kids are very much part of the Bró discussions at home and they’re very focussed on sustainability and respect for the beautiful area we live in,” Brenda adds.


Brenda explains that sustainability is important throughout the Bró story – from the roasting method the company employ (energy friendly and provides a real smoothness to the coffee) to the cups, coffee grinds and the gift boxes – all of which are fully compostable.

Bró are now the first coffee producer in Ireland to offer fully compostable packaging. It took some time to source it in China and Brenda said they are really proud of what they’ve created.

Simply cut up the bag and place in your compost bin along with your grinds.

“The kids call it Eco Bró - we like to think that we’re green and black,” Brenda smiles.

With the new packaging tried and tested the couple have now launched their Bró At Home offering online www.brocoffee.co.uk.

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