Bluecup Starter Pack


BEST TASTE Get your best espresso experience at home with Bluecup. Just like Nespresso, but with your own brand choice. Enjoy your espresso or latte with your own grind (check out our tip on grinding rate below). Bluecup: just your espresso, nothing else!

BEST BREW Capsules and lids are perfectly designed to make optimal use of the pressure in the 19 bar Nespresso machine system, resulting in the best crema. Leak proof sealing is ensured using the patented pod creator. No foil stickers, no glue residues

SUSTAINABLE All products are bisphenol free and produced in Europe. Bluecup is made of durable materials, safe to use in your machine and safe for you. So you contribute to a better environment by generating much less waste. And for a lower price per cup of coffee, we call that a win-win situation .

EASY TO USE Create your coffee pods in no time: fill the capsule with the spoon provided, and seal it with the pod creator with a short small twist; Bluecup is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Want to see how Bluecup works?

Watch UNIVERSAL Works with standard line Nespresso machines manufactured after October 2010. Check whether Bluecup is suitable for your machine? Make sure the sleeve holding the capsule when closing the machine is made of plastic, not aluminum. TIP: a strong or less strong taste may depend on the grinding rate: a mixture of a fine grind and a slightly coarser grind will give you the best espresso!

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