Bró Coffee

Bro Barista Blend Candle 40hrs


Dark Pomegranate – warm and exotic with hints of musk beautiful for the dining/living area and bathside, 6% perfume presented in an eye catching tin with lid made from premium grade soya with cotton wick. Burn time of up to 40 hours. 


Handmade in Northern Ireland

200g Tin with Slip Lid

6% perfume oil content

Pure cotton wick (machined to 10,000 BAR Pressure for best burning and throw of scent)

Premium Grade German Soy and Mineral grade Wax

Hand Poured

100% pure natural oils

Vegan Friendly

Not tested on animals

CLP Accredited and tested

Batch Traced

Chemical Regulation Association Assured 

Burn time approx. 40 Hrs.

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