Bró Coffee

Bro Moore Mist Candle 40hrs


Inspired by the scents of Christmas this  fragrance is an invigorating scent to enjoy. Premium grade soya wax, cotton wick with a burn time of up to 40 hours. 

Cinnamon , Clove and Orange subtle scent to be enjoyed all year


Handmade in Northern Ireland

200g Tin with Slip Lid

6% perfume oil content

Pure cotton wick (machined to 10,000 BAR Pressure for best burning and throw of scent)

Premium Grade German Soy and Mineral grade Wax

Hand Poured

100% pure natural oils

Vegan Friendly

Not tested on animals

CLP Accredited and tested

Batch Traced

Chemical Regulation Association Assured

Burn time approx. 40 Hrs.

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