Hello Summer - Ice to See You

And with the arrival of warmer weather comes a new fascination with cold coffee brews for those that love the caffeine hit but need a more chilled delivery.

Iced Americano ? Frapaccino? Iced Carmel Latte? Whatever your favourite we have  the perfect coffee to suit. Check out tasting notes when choosing the perfect bean for a cold brew – including Bro Slow,  a fruity little number that tastes great in cold lattes with a splash of syrup.

Here’s our guide to creating a delicious cool coffee  drink to enjoy at home over the summer months.

Keeps well in the fridge too for over a week if bottled/ fully sealed.

You’ll need …

  • 120g coarsely ground coffee
  • A sieve
  • Some filter paper
  • A large jug

How to make it….

  1. Place the ground coffee in a large jug and add cold water – as a guide we’d estimate 400 g water for each 50g of coffee so based on the above quantities you’ll need 960g of water. You can adjust this to your own preferences for stronger drink.
  2. Stir, cover and leave to seep overnight while the coffee does its thang.
  3. First filter out the grinds using a clean/sterilised sieve, and then do a second filter through paper or muslin to remove any fine particles.
  4. Serve over ice with a dash of your favourite syrup !
  5. If you have a sterilised jar with a lid or bottle you can keep this in the fridge for up to a week.

TOP TIP: If you like milk/soya/almond milk in your cold brew just half the water quantity to create a stronger cold coffee ‘base’ to pour over your favourite milk.

Here are some of our coffee recommendations for cold brew for ice coffee days.






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